10-30 Jun 2019: Menya Ryu Prawn Festival

Menya Ryu Singapore is having their Prawn Festival. Enjoy at $16.80 and many more.

Introducing 5 contenders for our Prawn Festival at Ramen Champion Bugis+!

  • Menya Ryu – Prawn Miso Ramen
  • Don Meijin – Sakura Tendon
  • Tonkotsu Ikkyu – Prawn Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Teppan no Hoshi – Prawn Maze Soba
  • Buta God – Prawn Tom Yum God Ramen

Join us from now till 30 June at Ramen Champion Bugis+ to taste these special creations by the chefs from each brand! Each order will entitle you to 1 vote at the exit of Ramen Champion Bugis+ outlet. Stand a chance to receive exclusive invites & vouchers when your voted brand wins!


Date: 10th June 2019 to 30th June 2019

Try them all at: Bugis+ #04-10